The Beatles break up. Calling it quits, they begin their journey down the long and winding road as
solo artists.

Monday Night Football premieres on ABC.

A new record store called Headstone and Friends opens in Terre Haute.

It’s the first year for Federal Express, Amtrack, the Ford Pinto and Disney World in Florida.

Club Idaho is Terre Haute’s hottest nightspot, featuring the Jimmy Dye band and singer/dancer Miss Bunny

Wiley, Gerstmeyer, and Honey Creek high schools in Terre Haute close. South Vigo and North Vigo high
schools open.

Elvis and Priscilla Presley separate.

The very first video game “Pong” is released.

After 65 years of service, Wolfe’s Department Store in downtown Terre Haute announces it will be closing.

The Village Cinema in Twelve Points features the latest in XXX adult films and is the subject of local gossip
and controversy.

Though it’s illegal to swim there, a strip pit south of Terre Haute known as “Porkys” is a popular swimming
spot for high school and college students.

A new Friday late-night concert series, The Midnight Special, debuts on NBC, hosted by Wolfman Jack.

Pink Floyd releases their new album Dark Side Of The Moon.

On January 14, 1973 Elvis Presley performs live via satellite to more than one billion viewers in more than 40
countries. The United States, however, delays the broadcast until April due to the Super Bowl. “Aloha From
Hawaii” draws the largest TV audience in history for watching a recording artist perform live. The record still
holds today.

On December 14, 1973 the newly constructed Human Civic Center in Terre Haute is dedicated.

The Wabash Valley gets its third TV station and first full-time ABC affiliate - WILL Channel 38.

On March 28, 1974 a writer for the Tonight Show turns streaker and dashes across the stage immediately
following Johnny Carson’s monologue. Then on April 2, a streaker races through the Academy Awards. Ray
Steven’s song “The Streak” is a number one hit. The Orpheum on 7th Street just north of Cherry Street in
Terre Haute and nearby the ISU campus offers free hair cuts for streakers.

Everyone is Kung Fu fighting!

The Terre Haute Park and Recreation Department hosts its very first Banks of the Wabash Festival at
Fairbanks Park.

Bob McClelland at McClelland’s Chrysler Plymouth on South Third Street “bets a dollar he can deal with you!”

Saturday Night Live premieres on NBC with comedian George Carlin as its first host.

The summer of 1975 is the summer of Jaws!

It’s an unbelievable concert year at Hulman Civic Center with a star-studded roster of major acts: Elvis
Presley, Eagles, Chicago, Bob Hope, Kiss, REO Speedwagon, Aerosmith, Loretta Lynn, Glenn Campbell,
Conway Twitty, Johnny Paycheck, Jerry Lee Lewis, America, Guess Who, Grand Funk Railroad, Jethro Tull,
Loggins & Messina, Tammy Wynette, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Dan Fogelberg and Helen Reddy.

The latest dance craze is “The Bump.”

Dr. Samuel Hulbert becomes the new president of Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, formerly Rose Poly.

ISU President, Dr. Richard Landini, dedicates the first-ever Donaghy Day.

It’s the biggest year in history for record albums sales. 344 million vinyl LP’s are sold.

Terre Haute Schulte and Clinton high schools close. South Vermillion High School opens.

The Root Store in downtown Terre Haute closes.

The Kiss Army founded by Terre Haute resident Bill Starkey is gaining fans throughout the Midwest.

The soap opera satire, “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman,” is one of the most talked-about TV shows.

The entire Wabash Valley comes to a complete standstill during one of the most brutal winter blizzards in
decades. Channel 2 news anchor Johnny Palmer and other stranded on-air staff are beginning to sport
beards by the time they are finally able to leave their studios in Farmersburg.

Bo Disco is Terre Haute’s hottest nightspot. Local resident, Ernie Nasser (a.k.a. Disco Ernie), is a loyal
patron and a regular fixture on the dance floor.

Steve Martin returns to Terre Haute for a grand tour of the city and apologizes to the community for having
called Terre Haute the “armpit of the nation” and the “most nowhere place in America.” He apologizes to
Terre Haute a second time on the Tonight Show With Johnny Carson. Carson tells Martin he personally has
never been to Terre Haute. [See previous1969 fun facts].

On March 26 1979, Larry Bird and the ISU Sycamores square off in Salt Lake City against Magic Johnson
and the Michigan State Spartans in the NCAA championship game. The Sycamores lose 75 to 64. The ‘79
match up in Utah remains the most-watched college basketball game of all time.

On September 7, 1979 ESPN debuts on cable television. The networks' main program is Sports Center.

On July 12, 1979 Chicago radio personality Steve Dahl hosts a Disco Demolition Night at Comiskey Park
during a twilight doubleheader between the Chicago White Sox and the Detroit Tigers. The 52,000 seat
stadium is packed beyond capacity with an estimated 90,000 people. Fans have been asked to bring their
unwanted disco records in exchange for a special 98 cent admission fee. Between games an enormous
grate filled with tens of thousands of disco records is ignited by explosives in center field. The stunt turns
intro a near riot as fans storm the field, climb the fences, start more fires, rip up chunks of the field, tear
down the batting cage and literally steal the bases. Police and security have their hands full getting the
unruly mob under control. It is a night to remember!

Skylab is falling! A defunct 100 ton U.S. space station plummets toward earth, creating a media and
promotional frenzy. Heads up!
Solid Gold Saturday Night