Billie Jean
I Love Rock & Roll
Jack & Diane
You Shook Me All Night
Open Arms
Careless Whisper
Every Breath You Take
Like A Virgin
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Wall Street
Raging Bull
Terms of Endearment
Rain Man
Dirty Dancing
Fatal Attraction
Yuppies & Preppies, New Wave
Break Dancing, Moonwalk
Anything Indiana Jones & Miami Vice
Valley Girls, Hair Bows, Mullets
Video Arcades & Video DJ's (VJ's)
Madonna Wannabees
Superbowl Shuffle
Bay Watch Babes, Mechanical Bulls
Cabbage Patch Dolls
Trivial Pursuit, VCR's & VHS
Totally Awesome!
Fer Shur, I'm So Shur
Gag Me With A Spoon
Total Barf Bag
Airhead, Ditz
Bogus, Go For It!
Boy Toy
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American Pie
Stayin' Alive
Joy To The World
Maggie May
Hotel California
We Are Family
Stairway To Heaven
Crocodile Rock
Bridge Over Troubled...
I Will Survive
The Cosby Show
Murder, She Wrote
Golden Girls
Magnum, P.I.
Falcon Crest
Family Ties
Miami Vice
All In The Family
Three's Company
Mary Tyler Moore
Laverne & Shirley
Charlie's Angels
Happy Days
The Waltons
Hawaii Five-O
Sanford & Son
Godfather I
Godfather II
Kramer vs. Kramer
The Sting
One Flew Over The...
All The President's...
Star Wars
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Anything Star Wars and Disco
Platform Shoes, Leg Warmers
Goucho Pants, Bell Bottoms
Frisbees, Lava Lamps, Cassette Tapes
Hot Pants, Leisure Suits, Gold Chains
Shag Carpet, Shag Hair, Afros
Streaking, The YMCA, Tandem Bikes
CB Radios, Plaid Blazers
The Gong Show
Right On!
What's Your Sign?
Boogie, Get Down!
Funky, It's Been Real
Keep On Truckin'
Outa Sight!
Ten-Four Good Buddy
Excuseeeee Meeeee!
Oh! Pretty Woman
Brown Eyed Girl
My Girl
Unchained Melody
Happy Together
Twist & Shout
I Get Around
I'm A Believer
Andy Griffith Show
Beverly Hillbillies
Candid Camera
Red Skelton Show
Green Acres
Dick Van Dyke
Leave It To Beaver
R & M Laugh-In
Lawrence Of Arabia
The Graduate
The Sound of Music
To Kill A Mockingbird
West Side Story
Bonnie & Clyde
Elmer Gantry
My Fair Lady
Butch Cassidy &...
Cool Hand Luke
Anything Beatles, Motown
Protest Rallies, Freedom Marches
Beehive Hairdos, Party Lines
Head Shops, Communes, The Twist
Black Lights, Psychedelic Posters
Hush Puppy Shoes, Turtle Necks
Stereophonic Sound, Color TV's
Teenie Boppers, Flower Power
Woodstock, Hippies, Love-ins
Miniskirts, Go-Go Boots, Tie Dye
Groovy, Blow Your Mind
It's A Gas! Swinging
Sock It To Me! Chicks
Make Love - Not War
Peace! Trippin'
Fink, What's Your Bag?
That's Not My Scene
Can You Dig It?
What A Drag, Far Out!
That's Boss, Mod
Don't Be Cruel
Hound Dog
Rock Around The Clock
Jailhouse Rock
All I Have To Do Is...
My Prayer
Mack The Knife
All Shook Up
Mona Lisa
I Love Lucy
Jack Benny Show
Arthur Godfrey's...
You Bet Your Life
I've Got A Secret
64,000 Question
Have Gun Will...
The African Queen
From Here To Eternity
On The Waterfront
Bridge On The River..
All About Eve
High Noon
A Place In The Sun
A Streetcar Named...
Ten Commandments
Rock & Roll, Sock Hops, The Stroll
Drive-In Movies, Carhops
Fuzzy Dice, Fallout Shelters
Poodle Skirts, Saddle Oxfords
Beatniks, Bongo Drums, Hotrods
Hula Hoops, Yo-Yo's, Erecter Sets
High Fidelity Sound (Hi-Fi)
Transistor Radios, Be Bop
Ponytails, Going Steady, Class Rings
TV Westerns, Coonskin Caps
Dreamy, That's Atomic!
I Like Ike, Hey Daddy-O!
Dullsville, You Slay Me
Cool Cat, You're Fresh!
Cool It Pops! Buzz Off!
What's Up Doc?
You Rang? Squaresville
See You Later Alligator
Knock Your Socks Off
Check Out My Pad
Solid Gold Saturday Night
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Take The "A" Train
When You Wish Upon...
Fibber McGee &...
The Shadow
Jack Benny
Red Skelton
Bob Hope
Burns & Allen
Arthur Godfrey
Amos & Andy
Edgar Bergen &...  
Fred Allen
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Dance Halls, Diners, The Jitterbug
Fedoras, Rosie The Riveter
Bogie & Becall
Pin-Up Girls, Hit Parade
War Bonds, Gas Rationing
Air Raid Drills, The Draft
Nightclub Cigarette Girls
Fox Trot, Big Apple
Milk Men, Pin Boys
Jeepers Creepers!
Judas Priest! Toots
Monkey Business, Spiffy
Got the Heebie Jeebies
All Wet, Flip Your Wig
She's A Dish, Daffy
Take A Powder, Swanky
G.I., Bobby Soxer, Chum
Sister, A Bunch of Hooey
Khaki Wacky, Ducky
Citizen Kane
Best Years of Our...
The Maltese Falcon
The Grapes of Wrath
Yankee Doodle Dandy
Double Indemnity
Philadelphia Story
Going My Way
Mrs. Miniver